Announcement from Peak Hour Images

Following an economically turbulent time, the Global Financial Crisis, Peak Hour Images commenced operations in 2001. I have always taken great pride in my business strategy, now more than ever before. Peak Hour Images customers are from a diversified range of industries and although our business has slowed, it has definitely not come to a hault as a result of the Government restrictions currently in place.

With significant measures being taken across the country to combat the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), I want to reassure you that Peak Hour images remains partially operational during government restrictions on non-essential activity.

Fiscally, the balance sheet is very strong and I am confident that my business will ‘weather the storm’. Following a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) meeting yesterday, certain changes have been implemented to ensure our financial longevity.

All jobs booked interstate have been cancelled or postponed. Our operations have been limited to Victoria only.

Our customers are supported by our range of technology based solutions such as:

· Video recorded meetings/updates (eg, CEO talking to staff via a pre-recorded video)
· Live Streaming of these videos also available.
· Audio recorded messages for Podcast distribution etc
· Photos are limited to profile headshot style of an individual, abiding by the physical distancing advise.

We also support our customers to “get their message out” by way of local news. If you have a media release you wish to share with the public, we are happy to publish your message in the local newspaper (online version). We do not charge for this service – it’s our way of helping your business during this challenging time.

We also take this opportunity to remind our existing customers that they have unlimited access to our archived database of photos from their previous jobs/events. Should you wish to receive copies of any historical images, please let us know.

Should you wish to discuss these options in more detail, please feel welcome to contact Peak Hour Images via email or phone.

Thank you for supporting small business.

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